Why the Move Towards User-Friendly BI Platforms Still Presents Challenges for Your Business

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You don’t need us to tell you that we operate today in a data-driven economy, where the information we gather and store ranks as one of -if not the– most valuable assets our business owns. 

Nor do you need any reminder of the challenges you once faced in mining, processing and analysing that data.

It’s such challenges that many of us have slowly overcome by arming our organisations with a combination of powerful Business Intelligence (BI) technology, and a small workforce of specialists with the skills and knowledge to operate them

The Challenge: Advanced Results Without Advanced Skills 

As time has gone on, we’ve started to see a certain trend in the BI tech world.

A trend that has seen organisations faced by a shortage of skilled employees now clamouring for a move towards user-friendly platforms that can deliver the same results even for their non-specialist workers.

In other words, a demand for tools that deliver advanced analytics and data discovery without the need for advanced skills. 

As you might imagine, those responsible for making these platforms have done their best to meet such demands, with the likes of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2017 and IBM’s Watson platform proving popular among businesses faced with a shortage of skilled IT and data science professionals.

The Challenge: Ease of Use Without Complicated Migration 

Despite the addition of features such as SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRI) into the Microsoft Power BI package and IBM’s incorporation of  Star Integration Server (SIS) technology, there’s still a long way to go before the average company employee can tackle advanced data analysis or reporting with the same level of ease that they’d use your typical office word processing tools. 

Indeed, even platforms such as Hadoop, a BI tool highly regarded for its usability still present challenges for our businesses when it comes to incorporating their NoSQL database, whilst some of the aforementioned platforms -and more besides- still pose a problem for skill-starved companies in terms of migration, implementation and governance. 

The Solution: BI Professionals Ready to Unlock the Potential of Data 

What’s more, until businesses and BI developers alike find the perfect balance between effortless usability and powerful back-end technology, these challenges are only likely to persist if organisations are to truly make the most of their most valuable asset, data. 

However, it’s not all doom and gloom.

Whilst your business may lack the kind of specialist BI staff you need right now to help you do more with your data, that’s not to say it always has to be the case.

Across the United Kingdom, experienced professionals boasting qualifications in all areas of BI management, migration and maintenance are looking to put their skills to work in companies like yours.

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