The Perfect Writing Conditions

The Perfect Writing Conditions - A man writing at a desk
Creating the perfect writing conditions for optimum creativity can be tricky…

If I had my own way, I would have the perfect writing conditions at all times.

For me, the perfect conditions for writing combine a temperamental mix of the physical and mental, all topped with some intangible other which I guess you might call inspiration.

For me to have the perfect writing conditions, I would be sitting comfortably in a nice, soft chair, preferably leather, with a cushion gently resting against my lower back.

My feet would be warm, my body cool and my head clear.

I would feel at once relaxed and full of energy, with the patience to sit for a long time and let my fingers dance, fast and light against the keyboard of my laptop, churning out page after page of perfect prose.

My imagination would be fired, and would lead me on a journey -fueled by an unrelenting inspiration and endless cups of sweet, hot coffee- towards the kind of writing I often doubt I’m capable of producing.

My brain would be free of any and all thoughts that were not directly related to the work at hand.

There would no distractions, no whimsical daydreams creeping up unexpectedly and carrying me off on some wonderful, if entirely counter-productive, tangent for ages at time.

Peace and Quiet

The rest of the world would cease to exist, drowned out and smothered by the beat of some perfect piece of music which at once both drives my passion and keeps me calm.

The phone wouldn’t ring.

I could ignore it if it did.

Nobody would tap me on the shoulder to ask me something. I wouldn’t have to get up to pee or stretch or make more coffee.

I would be able to sit in bliss and write, and write, and write.

When I finished writing, I would be able to look at the page and see nothing that needed changing.

The Perfect Writing

There would be no errors to fix or typos to correct.

Even better, there would be nothing on that page that would leap out and torment me with the nagging feeling that I could have somehow done it better. I would look at that page and feel satisfied, almost ecstatic with what I’d produced.

It isn’t often that every single one of these things comes together to create the perfect writing conditions.

Even as I sit and type this, my feet are cold and I have to pee.

I’ll keep going though, because when I do find myself with the perfect conditions for writing, it’s a wonderful thing indeed.

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