Three Ways That Influencers Can Significantly Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Three Ways That Influencers Can Significantly Improve Your Social Media Marketing
Working with top influencers can help your brand expand your reach on social media.

It’s no secret that word of mouth has always been one of the most effective forms of marketing brand owners have at their disposal. 

Marketers have known this for a long time, with the earliest examples of celebrity figures endorsing products dating back well over a century. 

Yet with the rise of social media, a new approach known as influencer marketing has seen everyday folks like you and me take the place of mainstream celebrities, building successful brands and earning a sizeable income through sponsored Instagram posts.

Not that Instagram is the only place where influencers wield power.

According to research carried out by Twitter in May, 2016, almost 40% of the platform’s users claimed to have made a purchase a direct result of reading a tweet from an influencer they follow

It’s this simple fact that influencer marketing works that has prompted an increasing number of brands to set aside dedicated budgets to influencer marketing, knowing all too well that this modern take on the traditional word-of-mouth advertising pays off for those who can get it right. 

Yet whilst that may be the main reason, business owners also report that investing in this form of marketing also provides some serious side benefits, especially when it comes to boosting their own social media campaigns. 

Here’s just a few key ways that influencers are changing the game for social media marketers. 

A Ready Made Audience

There comes a point in the lifespan of any brand when audience numbers plateau and it starts to seem that anybody who is going to follow you on Twitter or like your Facebook page has already done so. 

By leveraging a social influencer marketing platform however, those brands can expand their reach to a ready-made audience of potential new customers. 

Think about it: 

Influencers are only influencers in the first place because they’ve developed a loyal following. 

By engaging with those influencers to promote your brand message for you, you are ultimately reaching a much higher number of targeted users than you ever could on your own.

Boost Organic Search Results 

This second point may sound simple, but it is nonetheless one of the most important advantages of utilising influencer marketing via social media. 

When a prominent influencer tweets about your brand with a link back to your website (or your own social media presence), that creates a powerful, organic backlink to your content. 

Despite frequent changes to Google’s search algorithms, these kind of links still play a part in helping to determine search rankings, and thus could well provide a sizeable boost to the number of people visiting your website, even those who never engaged with your original social influencer campaign.

Purpose Built Content That Works

No amount of market research in the world can prepare you for the crushing blow that comes from a piece of social media content failing to make its mark when it goes live. 

That video you were sure would go viral got lost in the crowd, and the hashtag campaign you were convinced would be a resounding success failed to hit the right note with your target demographic. 

By working with influencers, this isn’t something you need to worry about. 

Those influencers know what works. They know how to connect with their audience and what type of content to use to do that.

As such, all you have to do as a brand owner or marketer is trust them to deliver your brand message through purpose-built content that they already know is going to hit the right note with the right crowd at the right time. 

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